Over the coming decades, our agricultural food system will undergo a rapid transformation in order to provide access to enough healthy and affordable food for the growing population.

Reduce Food Waste

We view our post harvest waste as resources and have systematically focused on driving efficiency to eliminate waste. A focus on reducing food waste through our LEAN operations has encouraged a sustainable mindset. We have also driven efficiency into our operations so that we generated low postharvest loss. At all levels Azaylla follows the “refuse, reduce, recycle” guidelines. We continually look for more sustainable options.


Reduce Plastic

We recognise the environmental impact we have across our value chain and work with our growers, suppliers, service oviders and operations to innovate for a healthy planet. We, therefore, have a target to ‘Improve the recyclability of packaging and contribute to the circular economy.Azaylla works towards decreasing non-recyclable packaging and increasing recycled content. To play our part in reducing plastic bag use, we are reducing the use of single-use plastic bags across our supply chain.

Our People

We value diversity and recognise the importance of our teams reflecting the communities we serve.

Celebrating diversity in all its forms is part of creating a vibrant and inclusive place to work; where everyone can bring their whole selves to work.

Over 55% of our workforce are women and we are working to increase the number of women in leadership role.


Our Brands

We are a trusted business partner for our growers, processors, manufactures and believe our relationships with our partners are a huge part of our success. Building strong long-term partnerships through fair and equitable dealing has fostered trust and innovation.

Azaylla is moving towards products, brands including raw materials to be sourced sustainably and we are committed to continuous improvement and transparency.

Rich nutritions Raw from the Origin.