Azaylla’s have built its reputation and success by focusing on quality, consistency, savings, and variety. Our brands are built with extensive quality control from source to your doorstep.


Our premium brand of fresh fruits and vegetables that are sourced from select farms.
FRESHEO is the clear choice for kitchens seeking consistent product performance and uncompromised quality assurance of fresh fruits and vegetables.
It is just one of the great brands we deliver to our customers with exceptional service. Connect with a Sales Associate who is ready to assist you with your needs or other fresh food & ideas.

THREE CORNER COFFEE ROASTER is a high quality, freshly roasted Cambodian coffees since 2010 and is the first international standard coffee roaster in Cambodia.
The brand offers best quality coffee to responsible Consumers – by making sure that every step of the coffee roasting process, from bean to bag, is at, or higher than, the top of the industry’s standards: from the agricultural sector, where it cooperate with farmers, using the direct trade model, to help them produce premium grade coffee beans; to the production sector, where its double, and triple, checked as a part of its regular routine.


GOPURE is a brand of fresh fruit juice that is produced from locally sourced fruits from select farms.The brand offers refreshing fruit juice that complement every occasion.
GOPURE offers a robust assortment of fresh juices that can be enjoyed throughout the day, regardless of reason or season. Whether you’re on the go or relaxing in a café, your time should be filled with the best quality juice to suit your mood or occasion.

Our Brands

NATUREWILD is a brand of wild honey which is sustainably-harvested from conserved forests along with contributing to the economic development of the surrounding communities.
The Brand envisions to engage the consumerism society towards sustainable products benefiting the local communities and protecting the forest as well as the wild bees.


Rich nutritions Raw from the Origin.